Apereum(APER), which builds on the foundations of Dogecoin, a decentralized token with meme culture and a cartoon image built on the Ether chain. Formed by Bayc club members. The reason was that we often discussed whether it would be more fun to make Ape images into cartoon emojis for chatting. We came together because we had the same ideas. Our designer has made a lot of emojis, and we hope that they can be used in our chat software in the future. Of course, if you have $APER, you can use it for free. If non-blockchain people want to use it, they need to pay Dollars. Of course, our goal is not to make money, but to have fun. Being interesting is why people feel valuable and are doing valuable things.
What is Apereum?
Our goal is just to be fun. Just like dogecoin. It was created a few years ago to make chat more fun and satirize traditional capital. Only pure goal, can achieve pure value. If the goal in the beginning was to win more money, he would not get so much money. Now this kind of bad market, are some false things, can not let us get some of what. So, we thought about it enough. I hope we can see the real emoji project again through a fun or interesting thing.There's nothing malicious or potentially dangerous about him.The interest orientation of community members is the driving force and direction of our project development.

Apereum is a pure meme currency. Like many others, such as Ducker. Ok, it's just an interesting phenomenon that we see, maybe we have the same goal.
In fact, we have seen many so-called similar meme coins in the market. But in reality, those are the projects of developers making their lives rich, they spend half an hour launching a project, then rug, and they end up with the money, and we lose the money. But our project is different.
Teh heart
Since $doge took the world by storm again in 2020, fake meme coins have caught our attention. Although there are great projects like Shiba, Saitama, Starl, Floki and UFO. In reality, 99% of projects are honeypot, fraudulent, and probably originally targeted at RUG. So they can't try to design and operate. They lack emotion, they lack security, they lack trust. So we're going to reverse the payement. We're going to make meme coins pure and innocent. Why? Because it's supposed to be fun. After we eat, we lie on the couch, look at our phone screens and laugh.
#Apers together
Tokenomics boring stuff
We will add liquidity on Uniswap, 100% of tokens will be added to LP. Developers don't have any tokens and also need to buy. Because we just do it for fun, which is unique in this day and age. We will set up a wallet later to collect donations, which will be used for various community awards.

  • No team tokens
  • Lock LP (90 days)
  • Renounce ownership
  • Tax 4%
  • LP 2%
  • Marketing 2%

Get started
To be a part of $Apereum, just join the community, enjoy the good vibes, and enjoy the good life amid the madness, the slapstick, the excitement, the incoherent. We're trying to create a happy atmosphere here, we don't have extreme marketing and pull-ups, we don't have rugs, we just have fun, and this community is open, where you can talk about why sandwiches can't have extra bacon, and why burgers can't have a Patty on a bun.
If you want to achieve wealth freedom through our token, then you are not recommended to buy. If you want to make your life a little more fun and eat an extra portion of fried chicken every day, we highly recommend you buy and hodl $APER. But there is a requirement that you use our emojis in your daily online chats with your friends and family.
Ready to Ape in?
Our Apers
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